Website, Print and Newsletter Design


Clients: The Door is Open Shelter Services 

Role: Experience Designer

Methods: Interviews, wireframes, user evaluation, The Five Whys

Tools: Sketch, Adobe, WordPress, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, MailChimp, InVision

SITUATION: The co-managers of the non-profit soup kitchen in the downtown Eastside complained that they weren't communicating to their volunteer and public base effectively. There were weekly inspirational stories that were never getting told of people who were dropping into the day shelter for the past ten years, who were recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. They just didn't have the channels to communicate the achievements.


ACTION: After interviewing volunteers who were visiting The Door is Open and hearing the stories, I learned that a volunteer was posting photos every week. Using Facebook Insights and Instagram, even though there were only 200 people in the community, the photos were updated and showed young faces. The previous website was made in 1998 and needed a refresh. The shelter wanted younger volunteers and so photos of students who volunteered there were the focus on the website. I took the "Tiffany Blue" that was matched from their new paint job in the shelter on Dunlevy Avenue to make the online and in-person visit consistent. 

WEBSITE FEATURES: The email subscription was the main focus of the website, as well as the calls to action to Donate and to contact The Door is Open for donations and to volunteer. The email and print campaign took photos from social media and showcased volunteers, donors and guests, and tagged along with The Development Office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver when they sent tax receipts back to their regular donors. Through email and print campaigns sent in 2017, over $10,000 was raised.