Marketing for "World's Best Tomato Grower"


cOMPANY: Windset farms, canada and USA

ROLE: marketing, sales (hong kong & taiwan), social media Manager, Product Packaging

TOOLS: illustrator, photoshop, inDesign, Premiere Pro, hootsuite, facebook, twitter, google plus

In 2014, Windset Farms won "World's Best Tomato Grower" at the first-ever Tomato Inspiration Awards held in Berlin for stellar Marketing and Sales. Working with the in-house Marketing team and outsourced media communication company since 2013, I helped edit, proof and streamline the process of approving artwork and product packaging before it hits store shelves. In addition to managing the online community on social media daily, I also grew the sales accounts in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Currently, you can find Windset products in YATA Supermarkets, and we are growing the promotions there.

Constantly learning about CFIA and FDA labelling requirements, I worked closely with the Creative Director at Windset to put together artwork from existing packaging that is aesthetically-pleasing at the same time. In order to keep products looking fresh on store shelves, packaging is updated quite often. Working with the Warehouse team as well, updating product packaging also involved learning briefly about the Lean Management system and how efficient inventory could be co-ordinated.

Other projects I want to highlight are promotional material including t-shirt design and stomach-rumbling swag like the recipe book and magnets pictured above.